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June 2023 | Claire Saunders

Meta fined EUR 1.2bn by the Irish Data Protection Commission and ordered to cease data transfers to the US

Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), issues a record fine against Meta Platforms Ireland Limited (Meta).

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June 2023 | Claire Saunders

Question of the month – What will happen to the UK GDPR at the end of 2023?

In late 2022, the Government announced its intention, as part of Brexit, to remove EU laws from the statute books

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June 2023 | Ian Pemberton

EDPB produces EU GDPR guide for small businesses

The EDPB has produced a guide for small businesses on how to comply with the EU GDPR.

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Case law

May 2023 | Claire Saunders

CJEU ruling on compensation for GDPR claims

On 4 May, the CJEU passed down judgment in the case of UI v Österreichische Post AG, a matter originally brought before the Austrian courts.

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April 2023 | Claire Saunders

What’s new with WhatsApp?

Earlier this year, WhatsApp was hit with another (albeit much smaller) fine, this time in relation to the legal basis it uses for some of its processing activities.

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April 2023 | Hulya Erzurumlu

AI vs GDPR: the risks and challenges of Generative AI models from a data protection perspective

Generative AI has been a topic of increasing interest, we'll explore how systems such as ChatGPT, impact data protection.

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