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We work with privacy, legal, and leadership teams as well as HR, IT, and marketing departments across a broad range of business sectors. If you have a data protection compliance issue, we can help.

Data protection is our focused specialism

We make it easy for you to access a comprehensive suite of services that will enable your organisation to articulate and execute its data protection obligations:

  • Achieve and maintain compliance with data protection legislation in the UK, Europe and internationally
  • Undertake data protection due diligence when required
  • Proactively prevent data breaches and resolve them quickly if they occur
  • Preserve adequate DPO and data protection cover in any eventuality
  • Provide support and counsel to your existing data protection team
  • Train and mentor all individuals within your organisation so they can confidently carry out their data protection responsibilities.

Our services

Data sharing and overseas transfers

Planning your route to compliance across multiple regulatory territories.

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Data breaches and regulatory complaints

Providing a guiding light when you need to resolve a crisis swiftly and confidently.

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Compliance audit and remediation

Exploring your data protection landscape and mapping any uncharted areas.

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Investor due diligence

Surveying new data protection landscapes before you decide to venture further.

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Privacy management programmes and frameworks

Finding your data protection bearings so you can move forward with confidence.

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Customer acquisition

Navigating a compliant path through the customer acquisition jungle.

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Training and mentoring

Improving your organisation’s understanding of the data protection environment.

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Outsourced privacy team

Whatever is on your data protection horizon, we can help you cover the ground.

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Can you relate to any of these statements? If so, we can point you in the right direction.

“I’m struggling with overseas data transfers.”

If you are sharing personal data or transferring it overseas, even if this is between the same group of companies, did you know this is classed as a ‘data transfer’? Such activity means you must consider the data protection landscape for overseas transfers and find a compliant path to navigate. We can guide you towards compliance across multiple regulatory territories through due diligence, contract negotiation, impact assessments, drafting binding corporate rules, or remediation activity.

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“I need to deal with a data breach now!”

No one wants to suffer a data breach, but they can and do happen. Whatever the scope or severity, staying calm and following a defined process is essential to mitigate the risks and fallout of a data breach. From assessment and response planning, to liaising with regulators, we have the experience and expertise to help you weather the storm.

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“We’re considering buying a company.”

The quality and legitimacy of personal data held by a company contribute to its value. So, whether you are investing in a company, purchasing a customer list, or part of an exciting merger, it is vital that you undertake due diligence to make sure personal data that is part of the transaction has been collected lawfully and is of value to you and the business. Our pre-investment audit process is meticulous, focusing on key pitfalls and risks in this area and providing the information you need to make an informed decision about the true value of the data.

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“Marketing wants to do something risky.”

The battle for customers is intense, and many digital platforms depend upon precisely targeted advertising for revenue. Combine this with a boundary-pushing entrepreneurial mindset and rapidly developing technology, and you have a fertile environment for breeding compliance risks for data protection. We can help you strike a pragmatic balance between commercial goals and an individual’s right to privacy and help your business use new technologies and innovative ways of lawfully using personal data.

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“Privacy is not taken seriously here.”

Having compliant privacy policies, procedures, contracts, and notices is one thing. Operationalising your data privacy framework is another. Nurturing a compliance-first culture with a confident and capable privacy team and sharing awareness of data protection responsibilities across the business is where we excel. Our eLearning platform, bespoke webinars, workshops, and mentoring deliver the training and awareness you need for all employees, regardless of their level of experience in this area.

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“Our data protection team is swamped.”

In today’s fast-paced digital economy, data protection is a 24-7 job. An increase in business activity or backlogs of work only add to the risk of non-compliance. Whether you need to deal with a surge in activity, a lack of in-house resources, or interim cover for sickness, maternity or vacation leave, we have expert professionals with vast experience in effective collaboration available to help.

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Resource library

Data protection is a fluid terrain. Data protection legislation and the approach by regulators are constantly changing, so it is vital to stay up to date. In this resource library, you’ll find some expert insight and information to help you navigate a path to compliance.

All items are available to download as pdf files. To view a document, please ensure you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader on your device.

UK and EEA Data Protection Supervisory Authorities
Data Protection Compliance for Law Firms