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A compliant privacy management framework is only part of what your organisation needs to demonstrate compliance. As well as nurturing a confident and capable data protection team, your staff also need to be aware of their privacy requirements ¬– with people across the business championing data protection and having the knowledge and understanding to implement privacy-by-design requirements effectively.

We will improve your organisation’s understanding of the data protection landscape by making training and mentoring an engaging, enjoyable, and memorable experience for individuals at all levels. We have extensive experience delivering high-participation data privacy programmes for all sizes of organisations across a range of sectors.


We have developed a proprietary eLearning programme that offers essential data protection training alongside additional modules covering privacy-related issues specific to HR and marketing as well as subjects such as accountability, data breach management and data sharing.

Our eLearning platform allows you to allocate training to specific users and provides an easy-to-use dashboard to help track participation and completion rates. Each module is split into multiple segments. Each segment takes only a few minutes to complete, and participants can work through the courses at their own pace. There is also functionality in the eLearning platform that enables reminders to be sent out to ensure everyone is undertaking their necessary training.

You can purchase our eLearning courses off-the-shelf and ready to use, or we can tailor the eLearning content to include your branding, links to your policies and procedures and additional pages relating specifically to how your organisation processes personal data. For your organisation, off-the-shelf training might not be specific enough, so we can create bespoke training courses for you in our eLearning platform. We will work with you, your learning and development team, or the person responsible for data protection compliance to build an informative and engaging training programme.

If your organisation has its own learning management system, we can provide the content for you to host on your existing platform.

Webinars and workshops

Our webinars and face-to-face workshops are scoped based on your training needs and requirements and delivered by our expert team. Short webinars are excellent for offering topic overviews, while workshops provide an opportunity for a deeper dive into subject matter areas and more significant interaction.

The workshop format is excellent for training individual teams, such as HR, customer services or legal, as we can tailor the content to their specific roles and requirements. Workshops have also proven particularly effective for training busy leadership teams, providing the space and time for them to really focus on their roles and responsibilities concerning data privacy.


We provide mentoring for data protection managers, DPOs and those responsible for privacy compliance across organisations. Typically running over six months, we designed our mentoring programme to support individuals so they can develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to execute their roles effectively.

Throughout the programme, we work alongside individuals providing expert guidance, assistance, and feedback while they develop or build upon their organisation’s current privacy management framework. Although you don’t get a certificate at the end of the mentoring, you do get peace of mind and, hopefully, a good night’s sleep!

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