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All organisations that process personal data should have a privacy management programme documenting how they comply with data protection legislation. A privacy management programme does not need to be overly sophisticated. It should provide a snapshot of an organisation’s privacy procedures, policies, and documents and enable you to identify potential gaps in data protection compliance easily.

As your privacy management programme will potentially be open to inspection by supervisory authorities and potential clients, it is critical to ensure it is maintained and refined as your organisation’s approach to privacy develops and matures.

Our privacy management programme services assist your organisation with demonstrating compliance from a data protection point of view. We review your current privacy management programme or create a new one based on our assessment of your organisation’s privacy needs, data processing activities, and compliance requirements.

Privacy management programme

We will meet with your team to help review or create your privacy management programme. Your privacy management programme will be an invaluable internal compliance monitoring tool to help ensure that your organisation is adhering to mandated privacy policies and procedures from the bottom up.

Your privacy management programme will include several key compliance components, including policies, operational procedures, audit calendars, training activities, and other essential privacy documentation and tasks – all designed to help your organisation stay on the right side of data protection legislation.

Policies and procedures

We will work with you to review or create bespoke data protection policies and procedures tailored to your organisation’s use of personal data and reflecting the risk of the processing operations you undertake. Alongside the policies and procedures, we will create easy-to-use operational documents and help files to ensure that everybody within your organisation, especially those with client-facing roles, knows how to use personal data compliantly.

Privacy notices

Transparency is one of the fundamental requirements for data protection compliance. To ensure that individuals understand how your organisation uses their personal data, we will work with you to make certain all privacy notices meet the transparency requirements mandated by data protection legislation. We can review current privacy notices and update these if necessary, draft new notices where required and review all notices for consistency to accurately reflect the processing being undertaken.

Record of processing activities

We have extensive experience in undertaking data mapping exercises and creating and reviewing records of processing activities for organisations. Whether or not we perform this alongside a data protection audit or our professional outsourced privacy team functions, we are experts in discussing and explaining the importance of documenting your processing activities and guiding your business through the process.

Data protection impact assessments

The cornerstone of assessing any privacy risks is the documenting of such risks. We carry out data protection impact assessments designed to evaluate the risk of any processing activity. The data protection impact assessment process that we follow is practical and informative and will enable your organisation to highlight and address any privacy concerns related to a privacy project or data sharing initiative.

Data subject rights request

Our team will work with you to ensure that there are easy-to-use, templated processes for individuals to follow when dealing with data subject rights requests. To ensure that data subject rights are honoured in compliance with data protection legislation, we will draft the processes based on the way your organisation uses personal data and tailor them to how information is pulled from systems and sources.

We also have extensive experience dealing with data subject rights requests, especially those tricky ones with a deadline on Friday afternoon. Through the creation of templates and help files, supported by bespoke training, we can assist with making responding to data subject rights requests a far less painful process.

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