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Personal data is one of the most significant assets that an organisation holds. With the data protection landscape hotting up and new legislation being introduced almost every week, it is no wonder those responsible for managing data protection compliance are seeking experts to help them undertake their role.

Our friendly data protection professionals are experienced collaborators working alongside in-house teams in organisations of all sizes across a broad spectrum of sectors. Whatever your direction of travel, we can cover the ground with you.

Overflow support

If your organisation’s data protection team is overstretched or under-resourced, we can step in to become a seamless extension of your privacy team. Working under the direction of and in collaboration with your data protection manager, head of legal or DPO, we offer a seamless service to get through the extra work.

Project support

New projects in the pipeline or on the horizon, and no way of resourcing them? We can step in and work with your project management team, or we can project manage and undertake the work for you. As well as doing the work, our team ensure that metrics are reported on and projects are delivered in a compliant way, with auditable documentation to demonstrate progress against the project deliverables.

Interim and/or long-term absence cover

Whether you are short-staffed due to an unforeseen absence or desperately recruiting for that new star to join your privacy team, we can step in and bridge the gap while you are grappling with resourcing issues. Working seamlessly together, we can help you deliver pragmatic, commercially focused advice while also helping to shape the role that you are trying to fill. We also assist with succession planning and periods of long-term absence due to any circumstances, from maternity or paternity leave to annual vacations.

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Is your privacy team overworked, a new project under-resourced, or staff absence causing a bottleneck?