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Whether you are looking to grow through acquisition or you are an institutional investor, a venture capital company or a private equity firm looking to invest in a growth business, data privacy compliance is an essential part of the investor due diligence process.

Failure to adequately assess an organisation’s data protection compliance position before an acquisition or investment can cost you time and money further down the line. We can help you identify potential pitfalls before it is too late and work with the target business to remediate issues identified during the due diligence process.

The personal data held by an organisation now forms an intrinsic part of its value. Never has data been so crucial to an organisation’s bottom line. With goodwill and investment value at stake, our investor due diligence services are comprehensive and targeted at identifying risks likely to impact valuation and inform your risk appetite.

Pre-acquisition due diligence

We liaise with you and the target organisation to understand the intended commercial use of the personal data surrounding the investment opportunity or acquisition. Our objective is to uncover the key privacy risks and data strategy for the target organisation to ensure we focus any pre-investment due diligence on identifying the most pertinent data protection risks.

We review the data processing activities undertaken by the target organisation alongside all policies, procedures, and other vital documents dealing with personal data.

We will thoroughly investigate the source of personal data to ensure there are no issues of non-compliance regarding its legitimate use and will benchmark the target organisation’s compliance against current data protection legislation and best practice – highlighting any privacy risks which need to be remediated prior to or after acquisition or investment.

Qualified legal professionals undertake our investor due diligence audits and reports, allowing you to attach legal privilege to these documents.

Ongoing data protection support

Having worked with you and the target organisation as part of the investor due diligence phase, we are the ideal partner to ensure that any remediation actions are carried out post-completion. Depending on the extent and scope of what is identified through the investor due diligence phase, we can offer a variety of services ranging from remediation or training to an experienced outsourced privacy team.

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