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In today’s digital economy, organisations have an extensive range of online channels to engage with and access their audiences. With choice comes regulation. Data protection legislation – both in the UK/EU and the rest of the world – is complex, especially when operating on a global scale. We have expert knowledge of dealing with acquisition journeys, including extensive experience in assessing the viability and compliance issues of using “data brokers” and marketing lists.

Navigating a compliant path through the online prospecting jungle is not easy. Fortunately, we have the expertise and experience to help you and your organisation’s marketing team achieve commercial goals while staying within the robust privacy requirements mandated by data protection legislation.

Digital marketing compliance

We can help review your acquisition journeys and create appropriate wording for each step, including opt-out or opt-in wording. We also advise on more complex issues, such as real-time bidding and the compliant use of display advertising.

In addition to providing compliance services directly to your marketing and legal teams, we offer bespoke training for marketers to help them advise their businesses on marketing strategies and growth revenue initiatives in compliance with data protection legislation.

Cookie compliance audits

We have significant experience advising on and implementing cookie compliance programmes with start-ups, fintech companies and other global organisations. From the assessment and classification of cookies to assisting with the deployment of a compliant cookie tool, you will be hard-pushed to find a cookie that our team has not yet encountered. We also provide resources to ensure any compliant cookie tools you use are regularly reviewed and tested so that they remain compliant as website and device technology changes and develops.

Data broking services

Organically growing a database is hard. It takes time and effort, but it is one of the best ways of ensuring that you can use personal data in compliance with data protection legislation. Given the amount of personal data collected online every day, it is not surprising that many “data brokers” are offering seemingly compliant data broking services.

With the promise of “GDPR-compliant” marketing lists, we can help your marketing and legal teams navigate the minefield of purchasing data from third parties and data brokers. Our team has specialist experience in undertaking due diligence and assessing data sources to ensure that personal data purchases comply with data protection legislation.

We thoroughly review services provided by data brokers and assist you with ensuring that compliant clauses are included in contracts. We also make certain robust due diligence processes are implemented post-completion. These processes ensure any issues of non-compliance are flagged immediately, and individuals’ data subject rights are not impinged by using personal data in this way.

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Is your data source compliant with data protection legislation? Do you have consent or another legal basis for using the personal data they provide?